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Assessment Form

  1. Information Collection Consent: By filling out the assessment form, users consent to the collection of their personal information for the purpose of evaluating their eligibility for Canada immigration and visa applications.

  2. Data Protection Compliance: The assessment form ensures compliance with data protection regulations, safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of users’ personal information throughout the assessment process.

  3. Evaluation Authorization: Users authorize Road to Future Immigration Services Inc. to assess their eligibility for Canada immigration and visa applications based on the information provided in the assessment form.

  4. Terms of Service Acceptance: By submitting the assessment form, users acknowledge and accept the terms of service of Road to Future Immigration Services Inc., outlining the rights and obligations of both parties regarding the assessment process.

  5. Privacy Policy Agreement: Users agree to abide by the privacy policy of the Road to Future Immigration Services Inc., ensuring that their personal information will be handled securely and in accordance with Canadian privacy laws.
Evaluation Form

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Language Proficiency

Relative & Intentions

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